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4 Unique And Easy To Make Halloween Baking Recipe At Your Home

Halloween Baking Recipe

It is a belief that Halloween has been around for over 6000 years . This year, ie. Halloween 2020 will be celebrated on 31st October, Saturday. But what Exactly is Halloween? In simple words,It is celebration of a New year eve originated from the pre- Christian celtic festival of “Samhain”and If you want to know about making arrangements at home to Celebrate this with alluring Halloween Baking Recipe and Ideas Read this article till the end.

Ghost Cake 

A close up cookie

As the name suggests , we all know that the purpose of Halloween Baking Recipe is to make it little Terrible and Spooky for more fun.You can bake a Ghost cake at Your Home. This is just another theme cake and nothing more. For this, You just need some Different technique with its Decoration which is a crucial point to make any Normal cake a Ghost cake.You can bake a Dark chocolate cake and Pipe out Meringue in its side and put some choco chips illustrating it’s eyes and leave some Strawberry or a maple syrup infusing red food colour from its middle making it look like a Drooling Blood Saliva and here you go with Your Ghost cake as Your First Captivating Halloween Baking Recipe.

Mummy Hand Pies 

A cookie made to look like a face

As You make the Normal Chocolate Pies, To give it a Halloween Baking Recipe touch All you need to do is – Form a dough with your Normal Ingredients used for that such as Cinnamon, Ginger, nutmegs, condensed milk and Egg wash and create Rectangular shaped Pies. Give them a Rest for some time and then start with wrapping around Dough strips ( You can use dough made for pies) around each Pie giving it a “Mummy look” Then, Bake it again for a little time by brushing egg wash on strips so they adhere to pie’s property. Put little pieces of white chocolate as the scary eyes of “Mummy hand Pies”.

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Halloween Baking Recipe is all about making Sweet and Scary Desserts as most children prefer to have cute little Cupcakes. In Halloween Baking Recipe ,One can bake cupcakes using Pumpkin and other Flavoured Ingredients. To make it more Interesting, Make Sugar syrup broken glass pieces to decorate Cupcakes and make awful smile structures on them using Orange or Red food colour / gel to make them Disgustingly cute.

Cookie Skulls

In this Halloween Baking Recipe, I have twisted our Regular cookies to Spooky Skull Cookies.For this One can prepare Cookies with their regular cookie ingredients But, Giving a shape of Skulls. By using a Fork to poke between the shaped dough you can make it appear as Teeth of the Cookie skulls.


These were some Unique and Twisted Ideas you can use to convert Your Regular Baking Recipe into a Halloween Baking Recipe at Your Home.

Other than these, One can also make Some Black and Red coloured Candies, chocolates Floating on Red wine with Ghost shaped Popsicles and many more.It makes Celebration more Delightful for children as well as For Adults. I hope You liked my Vision of Halloween Baking Recipe and It is useful for you. Happy Halloween!

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