All About The Cook -

All About The Cook

All About The Cook

The food we eat in various restaurants and hotels are made by the cook who is trained and skilled in the art of cooking. He or she trains in certified hotel managements schools or universities, where he or she studies various types of subjects and topics related to food and cooking.

A good cook is a major factor in the success of any hotel or restaurant. Cook responsibilities include preparing food using the appliances and the ingredients available in the kitchen of any restaurant or hotel.

Other responsibilities include maintaining the hygiene and prepare the dishes according to the menu and helping the chef. Many types of cooks who specialize in different culinary art like pantry cooks, sauce cooks, bakery cooks exist.

History Of The Cook Profession

All About The Cook

If you go back into history then you will find that the profession like a cook was very prestigious. Cooks were known as trained craftsmen. Now, there aren’t mandatory qualifications to become a cook; but, when it comes to professional cooking, you need to be certified and trained in the art of cooking.

When we talk about professional cooking, these cooks train in culinary programs in recognized cooking schools. In these schools and institutions, there are some mandatory lessons that cover various topics on cooking such as hospitality, advanced cooking, and food safety.

These courses normally are for a period of two to four years. There are many colleges and universities that offer certified courses on cooking and you can end up with a diploma in general cooking or a diploma in food production and cooking. In the cooking profession, there are also stands the chances of getting foodborne diseases.

Cooking Isn’t Easy

All About The Cook

The types of diseases that may result from being in the cooking profession generally come from contaminated food and chemicals used in ripening the vegetables or fruits. Apart from this, there are chances of getting injured from sharp objects used in cooking like for cutting vegetables.

The cook does not only work in hotels and restaurants; but, many families hire him or her to prepare food for them in their homes. These cooks have an expectation to prepare the meals for the house according to the menu set by the head of the family. These cooks also prepare food when there is some part of the celebration in the family.

The other responsibilities include procurement of the vegetables, meat, and other products required in preparing food on a daily basis. Some of the rich, royal families also keep a big kitchen staff which is head by the main cook who is responsible for supervising the whole staff. Every member of the kitchen staff gets a specific duty by a cook.

Nowadays, the cooking profession considers to be respectful and one of the most well-paid professions in the hospitality industry.

More and more people around the world are entering the cooking world, as it is one profession that is always in demand, due to the increasing tourism industry. A cook is the one person who knows how to experiment with food and prepare unique dishes constantly.         

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