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Low Calorie Baking Recipe You Can Integrate In A Diet

Low Calorie Baking Recipe

A person need not deny the cravings for sweets to lead a healthy lifestyle but just needs to change the way of consuming sweet to Low Calorie sweets. Sugar cravings are one of the most common cravings and this craving is seen majorly in women. People who experience sweet cravings have a very strong urge to consume something sweet as well as it is harder not to control the urge and control themselves around the food. The result of this is binge eating sweets. The prevention is following some Low Calorie baking recipes and help the craving for sweets and also leading a healthy lifestyle.

Low Calorie Baking Recipe Ideas

While on a diet, the hardest thing to control is a sweet craving. Most people lose here and consume something sweet which is high in calories, which would jeopardize the diet plan followed till now. So, to avoid the unnecessary distractions, go for the following Low Calorie baking recipes for a healthy snack and to satisfy the urge for sweet as well: –

Vegan flourless blueberry mini muffins: – making use of applesauce, lots of berries and brown sugar instead of the traditional flour and dairy products make this muffin moist. This gives the muffin the right amount of sweetness and can also be consumed as breakfast or a snack.

Oat-strawberry streusel bars: – the dough in this Low Calorie baking recipe does the job of creating a strong crust as well as makes a crisp crumb topping. Serving with some whipped cream will make it even tastier.

Double chocolate pumpkin bread: – mix some cocoa powder in the batter and has some chocolates in the form of melty chips. Since this bread is easy to make, it can also be counted as dessert and since it has low calories it is also healthy.

Banana-nut oatmeal cup: – it is the combination of oatmeal and muffins which makes this dessert tastier. A person can replace the pecans for nuts or walnuts making it one of the best Low Calorie baking recipes.

How to reduce the calories in Low Calorie baking recipes

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The desserts can be made with no-calorie sweetener instead of sugar and also by adding less sugar.

Reduce the amount of fat by replacing it with some fat-free sour cream, light cream cheese, or some applesauce.

Replace the use of eggs with eggs substitute.

Use cocoa instead of chocolates.

Low calorie baked desserts to help lose weight

Zucchini chocolate chip cookies

Key lime pie

Peanut butter banana smudges

Cookies made from apples

Zucchini brownies

Banana chocolate chip muffins


By making use of Low Calorie baked desserts a person can also enjoy some sweets as well as lead a healthy lifestyle without the risk of consuming more calories desserts. You should not worry about consuming a lot of calories every time you have a bakery item in your mouth because there are other low calorie items you can try out. These low calorie items will help you maintain your fitness and health and you will still be able to consume tasty Bakery.

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