Read Easiest Oatmeal Cookie Recipe With Instructions

Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

How to bake an oatmeal cookie is as simple as following a few steps and following the right recipe. Before walk through the whole process, you must first obtain the option to obtain all the necessary ingredients.

Oatmeal Cookie Recipe For Everybody
Oatmeal Cookie Recipe For Everybody

Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Preheat your oven. To prepare the cookie dough, roll out the oatmeal into thin, flat disks. Once you have made these disks, lay them on a sheet of wax paper or on a piece of non-stick spray. Using a cookie cutter, cut out circles. Use small balls of cookie dough to line up the circles.

Line the cookie sheets with baking parchment. Using a double boiler, melt the butter. Add the brown sugar, vanilla extract, cinnamon and granulated sugar. Bring to a boil and simmer for approximately ten minutes. When it comes to the boiling stage, remove from heat and allow it to cool.

Now that your oatmeal cookie dough is ready, you can now begin to assemble the cookies. Divide the dough into three pieces. Roll each piece into a ball. You should have twelve balls total. Now take one ball and roll it into a ring. Then take one more ball and roll it into a circle.

Repeat this process for two oatmeal cookies. The last step will be to fill the rings with the melted chocolate mixture and place the balls on the bottom of the cookie sheets. Make sure that the chocolate mixture covers the oatmeal.

When you are satisfied that the oatmeal cookie is all set, it’s time to put it in the oven. Turn your oven to the recommended temperature for an omelet. This should be approximately 180 degrees F. Allow your omelet to cook for approximately ten to fifteen minutes before removing from the oven. Let your omelet cool completely. Remove the cookies from the baking sheet.

Time To Serve It

You can now cut open the oatmeal cookie and serve your yummy cookies to family and friends. or freeze the omelets for later. Store the omelet in a freezer for a few days. You can also freeze the cookies in an airtight container for several months. If you do not like eating your cookies the next day, freeze the cookie for at least a year.

Easy Recipe For Everybody

As you can see, learning how to bake an oatmeal cookie does not have to be difficult. It is all about following a recipe that is provided by the maker of the omelet. This is the best way to guarantee that your cookies turn out tasting their best and that you will always remember this recipe.

So what ingredients are used in making an oatmeal cookie recipe? Here are some of the most popular ingredients you may encounter:

Oats This ingredient has a distinct nutty flavor that is not found in many other ingredients. The flavor of the oats adds a great deal to the overall taste of your cookies.

Water A little milk and sugar are usually added to the flour and then the mixture is stirred into the water and then processed in a blender to a powder form. This is called powder oats.

Cocoa powder These chips are available in different flavors and sizes and are easy to mix together. They add a nice extra bit of flavor to your cookies.

Oatmeal Cookie Recipe Tips
Oatmeal Cookie Recipe Tips

Cocoa powder is also used in creating cookies. In making an oatmeal cookie recipe, chocolate chips provide a beautiful crunch to the cookie and also help to protect them against the elements. Some people like to add sugar to the mix to give a soft fluffy texture. These are often added as a topping to the cookies.

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