Secrets To Preparing Pancakes With Baking Soda

Pancakes With Baking Soda

If you are planning to surprise your family with tender, fluffy, and flavorful pancakes then the following tips should help you out.

It’s quite common for most families to wake up to freshly cooked pancakes on a bright morning weekend. Appetizing and flavorful pancakes will highly depend on the preparation method. From preparing the batter, cooking and flipping your pancakes, the technique must be just right. Whether you are cooking the pancakes with baking soda or not, you must avoid common mistakes that most people make during the preparation.

Pancakes With Baking Soda Recipe
Pancakes With Baking Soda Recipe

Adequately Prepare The Batter

How you prepare the batter will highly affect the outcome of your pancakes. A common mistake that most people make is over mixing the batter. As you start mixing out ingredients, you might get the urge to keep on mixing until the lumps are gone, but this is not the way to go. As soon as you mix the dry ingredients, gluten will start developing. As you continue mixing the batter, the more gluten is produced. When you over mix the batter, you end up getting chewy and tough pancakes. To prevent over mixing, it is best to have the ingredients at room temperature. If you store your ingredients in the fridge, you need to have them removed hours before you start cooking. You can do so the previous night or very early in the morning. When mixing, just mix the ingredients are combine and you cannot see any wisps of flour. You may notice lumps, but this is fine.

When the batter is ready, do not cook it immediately. Let the batter rest before you can cook it. Giving the batter more than five minutes of rest will allow for even hydration to take place and the gluten that has formed to relax. Lumps that formed should have smoothened out during the rest.

Proper Heat

Stating with a warm or not hot-enough pan is another common mistake. Cooking pancakes on a pan that is not hot enough will not give the pancake the crispy and fluffy feel that it needs. It will instead absorb the oil and get oily. When cooking pancakes with baking soda, you must give your pan some time to fully warm up so that you can get perfect results when cooking. When you place the pancake on your pan, let the top par form bubble before you flip it. As you are flipping, make sure the underside is well browned. Remember that pancakes should only be flipped once when cooking. Avoid flipping them too soon which might lead to losing the fluffy texture.

Pancakes With Baking Soda For Better Results
Pancakes With Baking Soda For Better Results


Preparing perfect pancakes for everyone should not be a daunting task. Instead, it should be a fun and simple process that ensure everyone enjoys tasty breakfast. All you need to keep in mind are the essential steps involved in preparation so that you get a good result. The next time you decide to prepare pancakes with baking soda or not, remember the above steps and you will be good to go.

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