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The Best Cook

A plate of sliced beef for yakiniku or shabu shabu hot pot.

Food is what dominates our life. For food to be able to dominate, it needs to be prepared somehow, right? This is where the cook comes in. Food plays a major role in our lives. The energy that we require to work is obtained from food. Eating healthy, tasty food is something that we love to do.

The obsession with food has become much stronger in today’s society because of the availability of so many recipe books, cooking websites, cooking channels, and cooking shows.

Food, which causes so much happiness and temptation in our minds, is no less than an art. This art is produced by some of the best cooks who not only fill our stomach with delicious, tasty meals but also inspire us. We should never forget to thank those cooks because appreciation is what makes a person grow and carry on in life.

There are so many cooks out there who are very popular and talented in their art of cooking and who have inspired consecutive generations from the younger ones to the older ones. Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor is one cook that stands proud and strong in the cooking world.

Why Sanjeev Kapoor Is the Best

The best baker and bakery

Sanjeev Kapoor is a chef who is famous worldwide. Also surprising enough, his name is a household name in India. He’s very well- known amongst the common people, especially when compared to the other chefs.

Indeed, Kapoor is considered “the best cook in India”. He has dominated the cooking industry for so many years and is still dominating the culinary world. He’s also an entrepreneur with a huge chain of restaurants.

With a terrific sense of cooking and tasting, he provides the most delicious, easy food recipes that can be tried by anyone at their home. He has made individuals, and especially housewives, familiar with numerous delicious recipes.

His recipes are usually a combination of traditional and modern food. He has written multiple numbers of books on cooking and has sold around 10 million copies of his cook books.

Private Life Facts

Good food leads to a healthy life

Sanjeev Kapoor was born in a Hindu Punjabi household on April 10, 1964, in Haryana. Later on in his life, he started his professional career in the industry of hotel management.

Sanjeev Kapoor starred in the popular TV show, Khana Khazana, which is the longest-running cooking show in Asia. The show is telecasted in 120 countries and is viewed by more than 500 million people.

He also has his channel named FOOD FOOD which launched in January 2011. Later after gaining a lot of experience in the hotel industry, he became the Executive Chef of a hotel in Mumbai. Sanjeev Kapoor is realizing his dream of bringing Indian food as number 1 in the world and encouraging women empowerment through the art of cooking.


  • Sanjeev Kapoor has written more than 108 recipe books.
  • Indian Railways Association asked him to help prepare the menu of “eatables” served on express trains.
  • In 2017, he was awarded Padma Shri, the fourth highest honor given to an Indian national.
  • He endorses the Sweekar Advanced Oil, a sunflower flavored cooking oil brand in India.

There are many cooks out there who are striving to make their mark on society. All it takes is some drive, creativity, cookbooks, and recognition to embark on a wonderful cooking journey.

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