Ways To Cook With Eggplant And Still Benefit From Its Healthy Attributes

Baking Eggplant Recipe

To many, when you think about the eggplant, you probably think of the fu emoji you use to chat and text. However, when it comes to cooking with the eggplant, there are numerous health benefits that you can get from this vegetable. If it’s your first time experimenting with eggplant, you are probably wondering where to start and how to best cook it. Eggplant can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you are looking for a quick baking eggplant recipe or grilling recipes, you will come to realize a lot can be done with an eggplant.

Baking Eggplant Recipe For Health
Baking Eggplant Recipe For Health

Eggplant Varieties

You will be quick to find out that there are a variety of eggplants to choose from when you visit the farmers market. Some eggplants will have many see, tender skin than others or have a bitter flavor. However, they are all spongy and quickly absorb any flavors added to them. From green, white, yellow, purple, and orange, you really can’t choose the wrong type of eggplant to cook with.

How To Cook With An Eggplant

Not everyone loves the unique taste of eggplants, but it does not mean you should not try it out. When prepared properly it can be a satisfying addition to your meal. Before cooking this versatile vegetable, it is important to choose good one when you visit the market. When selecting, go for the one that is smooth, heavy in size, and the skin is blemish-free. When you press the eggplant, it should not be squishy. A firm and bright green stem is an indicator that it’s healthy and in good shape.

A good baking eggplant recipe will guide you on proper preparation. Due to its spongy nature, it tends to absorb whatever it is cooked with, especially oil. If you are planning to fry the eggplant, avoid using lots of oil. If possible, you can add a light coating, such as flour or dried breadcrumbs to provide a barrier between the vegetable and the oil. Using a nonstick pan would be the best option when thinking about frying it.

If baking the eggplant, coating it is also advised. To bake it, all you need to do is cut it into tiny strips and bake them. You can use a breaded or spicy coating to give it that extra taste. Apart from baking, there are other numerous ways that you can prepare the eggplant, including mashing it into a dip, roasting it, grilling it, and braising it. It’s up to you to try out which way you want it best cooked.

Baking Eggplant Recipe Tips
Baking Eggplant Recipe Tips


As you try out any baking eggplant recipe, you must be aware of the health benefits. Eggplants belong to the nightshade family, which also entails tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes. Nightshades are known to contain a bitter tasker due to the chemical solanine.

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